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Richard The Lionheart alias Richard Cœur de Lion (1189-1199)

1189 - Son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard is crowned Duke of Normandy at Rouen on July 6th, then King of England in London on September 3rd.

1190 - Vézelay  July 4th : Richard departs for the 3rd crusade, in the company of the King of France after signing a treaty stipulating, inter alia, the termination of the marriage contract with the King’s sister. 
1191- Richard seizes Cyprus and marries Berengaria of Navarre at Limassol on 12 may. He reconquers Saint Jean d'Acre on the 12th of July. On July 31st,  Philippe Auguste leaves the Holy Land leaving Richard undisputed Chief of the crusade.
1192 - Richard learns that his brother, John Lackland, is conspiring against him. After an agreement with Saladin, leaving Jerusalem unconquered, he sets sail on the 9th of October. He learns  that Philippe Auguste is preparing an ambush for him, he avoids Marseilles, makes his way up the Adriatic, is wrecked off the coast of Venice and makes his way to Vienna.
1193 -In February, he is taken prisoner by the Duke of Austria Leopold, who  he had insulted at the siege of Saint Jean d'Acre; Leopold sells Richard to Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor of Germany.

Gisant de Richard Cœur de Lion ( Abbaye de Fontevraud)

1194 - In February,Richard  is released against a partial payment of ransom. Returning to England in March, he defeats John Lackland, is re- crowned King of England,  then sets off  to defend his Norman lands against the King of France, Philippe Auguste.
1195 –Victory  at  Fréteval (Loir et Cher) over  Philippe Auguste on July the  3rd.
1197-1198 -Construction of Château - Gaillard
1198 -New victory over Philippe Auguste in Courcelles (near Gisors) on September the  28th.
1199 -He dies at Chalus, on the  6th of April, while besieging the castle of a rebellious vassal.