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Robert Courteheuse Period 1088 – 1106

1088 - Robert Courtheuse, succeeds his father, William the Conqueror.
Robert proves incapable of holding down his Duchy, the capital, Rouen, revolts in 1090.
Henry, his younger brother, takes the opportunity to install himself in the Cotentin and then in Domfront where he builds the first square keep.
The troubles in Normandy twice bring Robert’s brother William the Red over from England.
1091 - Alliance between Robert and William the Red against Henry.
1094 – Reversal of the alliance: William provides Henry with the means to harass Robert.
1096 Robert sets off on the crusade ; he is one of the leaders along with his nephew,  Etienne de Blois, his uncle Eudes, Bishop of Bayeux and  Robert de Flandre. He leaves the Duchy in the hands of William, assigned as a loan.
1099 – Always in the front line of battle, his showing exemplary prowess, Robert takes part in the capture of Jerusalem in June/July.

Robert II Courteheuse by Henri Decaisne

1100 -  Jerusalem freed, Robert heads for home.  William is killed in a hunting accident in the New Forest at which Henry was a participant.  Henry claims the throne of England and becomes Henry I.
1105 - Henry I lands at Barfleur, sacks and pillages Bayeux.
1106Robert is defeated and imprisoned at Tinchebray, Henry Beauclerc on the 28th  september becomes Duke of Normandy and King of England under the name Henry I Beauclerc.