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Some indications as to how Ducal Normandy was formed; its history, its chateaux, its flag.

How Normandy was formed:

Normandy came into being in 911 with the concession to the Viking Rollo of lands lying along the estuary of the river Seine by the King of France, Charles le Simple under the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Ept, naming Rouen as its capital.

The Vikings arrive along the west coast of Europe at the end of the VIII century.
841 - They burn and pillage Rouen and certain rich abbeys including Jumièges.
845 – A Viking fleet sails up the Seine to the gates of Paris where the King,  Charles the Bald agrees to pay a ransom. The Vikings,  realising the Kingdom’s incapacity to organise its defence, install permanent camps on islands in the Loire and the Seine to serve as winter quarters and as bases for raids deep into the Frankish Kingdom.
The Carolingian Kings set up large military commands which they vest in their barons.  In spite of this procedure, the territories bordering the western reaches of the Seine remain out of their military control.
867 – The Cotentin and the Avranchin are left to Breton chiefs tasked with defending the service of the King.
885 to 890 – Paris is besieged by the Vikings.  Emperor Charles the Fat pays them to leave.

This marks the birth of Normandy

898 Charles the Simple (simple here means straightforward, not mentally deficient) becomes (Carolingian) King of France.
905 - The Count of Rouen presents no challenge to the Norman chiefs.  The King decides to negotiate with one of them: Rollo the Norseman.


  The Duchy of Normandy between  911 et 1050
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