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911 to 927 -  Rollo chief of the Vikings of the Seine, becomes Robert I

Exiled from Norway, Rollo started his career at the end of the 9th century as a mercenary in the service of one of the Anglo-Saxon Kings against the Danes.
876 –
Setting out on his own account, Rollo sets up camp along the Seine estuary.
890 – Rollo captures Bayeux, Evreux and Saint Lô, and is straight away vanquished by a coalition of Breton chiefs. Although  Rollo does not command all the Scandinavian groups installed in the region, he is the only possible counterpart for negotiation with the representatives (Marquis de Neustrie) of
the Carolingian King, Charles le Simple, because of his continuing relationship with his English allies in the operations against the Danish Kingdom of York.
911 – By the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, Charles grants the Seine Valley territory and rights to its revenues to the Vikings in exchange for peace and military aid. Under this agreement the Viking Rollo becomes the new Count of Rouen. In exchange Rollo orders his people to be baptised, a political as much as a religious gesture.
912 -  Rollo is baptised and becomes Count Robert I.
While remaining close to the pagan tradition, he curries favour with the church by encouraging the return of religious relics to the Abbey of Saint Ouen, near Rouen. He imposes the rule of law and brings civil peace.
924 – He extends his domination to cover Bessin and the Hiémois
927 -  He abdicates in favour of  his son William (Longsword).
Circa 932 – Death of Rollo.

Statue by Arsène Letellier of Rollo at  Rouen.