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Henri II Plantagenêt (1154-1189)

1152Henry weds  Eleanor of Aquitaine whose previous marriage to Louis VII was annulled.
His vast feudal estate now comprises Aquitaine Anjou, Maine and Normandy. There remains the crown of England.
1153 -  Henry lands in England. Events move at a pace.  Eustache, son and heir to Etienne dies prematurely. Etienne gives up the struggle and recognises Henry as his son and heir on the 6th of November under the Treaty of Wallingford.
1154 - Death of Étienne on 25 October. Henry Plantagenet becomes King of England taking the name Henry II Plantagenet.
The "Plantagenet" kingdom is the subject of continual friction with the King of France, Louis VII.
1162 –Henry has  Thomas A Becket elected Archbishop of Canterbury.
1164 - Thomas A Becket, who takes a strong position as defender of liberties of the Church against the encroachments of royal power, is condemned for malfeasance. Thomas takes refuge in France where he is welcomed by King Louis VII, then by the Pope.
1166 - Thomas A Becket sets in process the excommunication of the supporters of Henry II.
1167 - Death of Matilda.
1170 - Henry II organises his estate, he keeps the Crown of England and shares his other possessions between :  Henry the young King who receives Normandy, Maine and Anjou;  Richard who  receivesAquitaine;   Geoffrey who  receives Brittany and John, the youngest who  receivesnothing .

Thomas A Becket, who stands in the way of any reconciliation, is murdered on the 29th of  December

Recumbent statues of Eleanor of Aquitaine et Henry II at the abbaye de Fontevraud

1173 - Encouraged by their mother Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Kings of France, (Louis VII, and his successor Philippe Auguste) Henry II’s sons  Henry, Richard and Geoffrey rebel against the order of Henry II to remove land from each of them for the benefit of John, who had been left out of  the original carving up of the estate. The rebellion is centred on  Normandy.
1174 -The revolt is stopped and Henry forgives his sons.
1183 –Death by accident of Henry the young King.
1184 - Richard rebels against his father.
1186 - Geoffrey rebels in turn, and then dies in August.
1189 -Henry II Plantagenet died on July 6 without reconciliation with his sons, Richard and John, who have given their support to Philippe Auguste  in his campaign against their father.