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Richard II the Good (996-1026)

996 – Then a minor, Richard, son of the concubine Gonnor,  succeeds of his father, Richard I.
Richard has to face the widespread peasants’ revolt against the pressure from the aristocracy to pay taxes. At the same time  in the Hiémois a member of the ruling family, Guillaume d’Exmes, tries to seize power.  The two rebellions are put down by Richard’s tutors; the repression meted out to the peasants is particularly bloody. The Danish ViKings seize the opportunity afforded by the troubles to carry out fresh raids on Normandy.
1001 – Re-opening of the Abbaye de Fécamp.
1002 - Emma, Richard’s sister, weds Ethelred II, King of England, thus sealing their alliance.
1014 to 1016 – England conquered by Sweyn Forkbeard and by his son Cnut
1016 -  Cnut the Great, King of Denmark weds Emma, Ethelred’s widow after having routed Ethelred’s heirs. Emma will give birth to Harthacnut, (1040-1042),  last of the Danish Kings of England, removed by prince Edward.  The Normans play a direct role in the affairs of the British crown.
Richard II turns his Duchy into one of the most prosperous and stable in the Kingdom.
Richard weds Judith, sister of  Geoffroy count of Rennes who in turn weds Richard’s sister, Havoise. Judith is the first Christian princess to produce, as a legitimately married consort, an heir to Richard replacing the Danish-style concubine system.
1026 – Death of Richard II


Statue of Richard II the Good at  Falaise .