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Richard I, known as Richard theFearless (942-996)


942 -  Richard I,  born to a Breton concubine, Sprota,  is just 12 years old when he succeeds to his father William Longsword’s  throne.
The parallel ambitions of the Carolingian King, Louis IV, and of the Duke of the Franks, Hugh the Great were a dangerous threat to the principality of Rouen.
945 to 947 – William takes control of his father’s lands due to his alliance with Duke Hugh and his marriage to Emma, Hugh’s daughter.
987 – Richard champions the dynastic change which allows his brother-in-law, Hugh Capet, known as Hugh the Great, to ascend to the throne of France.
991 – In order to resist the continuous pressure on his frontiers by his powerful neighbours, Richard continues to recruit ViKing mercenaries. He signs an accord with King Ethelred II in which he agrees not to grant the neighbouring barons rearward bases to be used against England.
Richard’s principal heirs, born to his concubine, the Danish Gonnor, form a new aristocracy, the Richardides;  Richard places them in key posts.
Richard’s religious works:  restoration of the abbeys:
960 -  Saint-Wandrille ;  990 -  Fécamp
966 – he installs a religious community on the Mont Saint Michel
989 to 990 – he  re-establishes the ecclesiastical  hierarchy governing Lisieux, Sées, and Avranches.
The diocese of Coutances is revived but its bishop resides in Rouen
996 - death of Richard I.


Statue of Richard I at  Falaise