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John Lackland (1199-1204)

1199 brother of Richard The Lionheart, he is crowned King of England and Duke of Normandy.
Philippe Auguste, King of France, has the right to judge in conflicts between the King of England, John Lackland, and his vassals in France and to collect tribute from the rebels who challenged the authority of John.
The Angevin barons take sides with his nephew,  Arthur of Brittany, who claims birthright through his father Geoffrey who had died in 1186. The war resumes, including in Normandy, but John keeps the advantage.
1200 – On August the 26th John  marries Isabelle of Angoulême, heiress to the Count of Angoulême, and betrothed to Lord Lusignan.  Vassals appeal to the King of France, Philippe Auguste, for arbitration. The King accuses John before his court, condemns John in absentia and pronounces the confiscation of John’s continental possessions, with the exception of Normandy which Philippe Auguste attacks, he invests Arthur of Brittany in John’s place.
1202 - John captures and kills Arthur in Mirebeau-en-Poitou on the 1St of August.
The barons, formerly bearing allegiance to Richard, desert from the Court of John and ally themselves with the King of France.
1203 - Philippe Auguste lays siege to Château Gaillard in September .
1204 - Château Gaillard falls on March the 6th.  Rouen surrenders on June the 24th.
Normandy is attached to the French crown.


John Lackland hunting 1167-1216. Manuscript illuminated Rege Johanne 1300-1400.