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Henri Ier Beauclerc (1106-1135)

1106 – Youngest son of Matilda and William, he succeeds his brother Robert.
Henry was a strong and stern King who had to face many military challenges, particularly in Normandy.
1112 – Submission of the House of Bellême. The King of France, Louis VI,  recognises Henry’s sovereignty over Maine and Brittany.  Henry renews the policy of matrimonial alliances with the Counts of Blois and Anjou.
1114 – Wedding of his daughter Matilda, born in 1102 with the Holy Roman Emperor of Germany Henry V; she becomes Empress Matilda.
The exile of Robert Courteheuse’s son, Guillaume Clinton and the repeal of his rights in the Duchy serve as a pretext for the Norman barons to defy Henry.
1118 – Death of Henry’s wife Edith of Scotland. He then marries Adelaïde, daughter of the comte de Louvain who fails to produce an heir.
1119 – Henry burns Evreux and defeats the coalition led by the King of France, Louis VI, at Brémule.
1122 to 1124 – Henry puts down a last uprising. With the return of peace he demonstrates his power by building the keeps of  Arques, Falaise and  Caen and reconstructing the cathedral of Bayeux and various rural sanctuaries.
Henry’s 30 year reign was taken up with 13 years in England, 17 years in Normandy.
1125 – The Holy Roman Emperor of Germany Henry V dies; Empress Matilda returns to England.
1128 -  Matilda  weds Geoffrey  Plantagenet,  heir to the Count of Anjou.
1133 – Birth of the future King, Henry II
1135Death of Henry I Beauclerc at Lyons-la-Forêt le 1st of December.
Learning of the death of his uncle, Etienne de Blois, Count of  Mortain and son of the daughter of William the Conqueror,  Adèle, crosses the channel and has himself crowned on the 22nd December.

Henri Ier Beauclerc