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William Longsword  (927-942



927William Longsword , born to a Frankish Christian concubine, Poppasucceeds Rollo.
933 – William obtains the Cotentin and the Avranchin for reversing an alliance with the partisans of the last (Breton) Carolingians
He consolidates his control over the Irish-Norse tribes in the Cotentin and the Bessin.
942 -  Death of  William Longsword.
 Engaged in numerous conflicts and shifts in the alliances that formed the Frankish Kingdom, William is killed in an ambush set up by the Count of Flanders, hostile to the rise of Norman power.
William is the first truly Christian Norman prince. Wedded to the daughter of the Count of  Vermandois, he is numbered amongst the most powerful lords of the realm.

Statue of William Longsword at Falaise.